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Oleh: Marko S Hermawan* Sering kali ketika saya melakukan penjurian di berbagai daerah, terutama untuk Music Analysis Hornline caption, saya terkadang memberikan masukan dalam memperbaiki aransemen di alat tiup, baik itu horn maupun pianika. Banyak hal yang sepertinya harus diperbaiki dalam teknik mengaransi ini, karena yang terjadi di lapangan terkadang membuat saya ‘gregetan’ untuk membetulkannya. […]

Lip Slurs for the Week

Have you been doing your lip flexibility exercises on a regular basis? So often we tend to say that we have a few “set exercises” that are always included in our daily routine, but when we think back over the past couple of weeks’ practice sessions, we may realize that some of those exercises have […]

Lip Trills

By : Bryan Goff Lip trills differ from lip “shakes”, both in sound and in the technique of execution. When I speak of a shake, I am referring to that technique that is primarily used in jazz music, a slurred figure in the upper register similar to a trill but usually alternating between notes whose […]

By : Bryan Goff In another one of my Trumpet Topics, Slow vs. Fast, I addressed the advantages of increased efficiency when you practice short fragments up to tempo, rather than starting slowly and gradually increasing the tempo. I would now like to offer the suggestion that tongued passages, both single-tongued and multiple-tongued passages, should […]

By : Bryan Goff Several years ago I attended a master class at the National Trumpet Symposium, given by Gilbert Johnson, the Professor of Trumpet at the University of Miami. I vividly remember the improvement he made in one of the student’s playing by making a very simple suggestion. The student was playing the first […]

I have always had a special in my hearts for ratamacues. They are fun to play and fun to manipulate. When all my friends were trying to see how many flams they could play within an eight bar phrase I always preferred the smoothness and speed of drag rudiments, especially “ratamacues.” There are single ratamacues, […]

Single-tonguing Part 5

Single-tonguing Part 5 -Maintenance- By : Bryan Goff This Trumpet Topic page is a conclusion in a series of postings related to improving one’s single tonguing. Like so many of our trumpet techniques, maintenance is often simply a matter of disciplining ourselves to regularly devoting just a few minutes every single day to exercises which […]

Once a player can play various rudiments well, it is time to develop a quality sound for each of those rudiments. I find that it works best when each hand is isolated before putting the hands together. Learning the technique on one hand will help. The player develops a better quality of sound before putting […]

Ditulis : Marko Sebira Apa jadinya seseorang yang bukan guru musik SD, menilai anak-anak SD dalam bermusik? Apa jadinya seorang operator sound system ikut menilai dan melihat anak-anak membaca not balok? Dan apa jadinya seorang pelatih paduan suara SMA ikut dalam acara tersebut? Jawabnya adalah: mereka menemukan dunia baru!! Dengan berlatar belakang pendidikan dan profesi […]

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